About Us

Hi we're one of the most sought after real estate marketing firms in the country. 

Major mobile home park and storage unit investors have used us. 

Over 600 students bought my course to learn about mobile home park investing. 

I've helped dozens of mobile home park investors discover untapped opportunities in their markets with detailed lists and deep data of multifamily, mobile home parks, and storage unit facilities. 

I utilize my own proprietary research models...

That means this stuff is not found on popular "data" sites like reonomy, loopnet, batch, or propstream. 

Remember, just because the data is good, it's not perfect (nothing is perfect, nothing is guaranteed) So you still have to put in the work, calls, direct mail, and outreach. Or have somebody do the work for you.

I sent a direct mail utilizing me own list in Colorado and South Carolina, and within weeks had a park under contract, I'm working a deal to this day -  it has a potential six figure assignment. 

Any questions or anything email me at mike@mobilehomeparkdirectory.com or info@mobilehomeparkdirectory.com