40,000+ Nationwide Mobile Home Parks list — Including
40,000+ Nationwide Mobile Home Parks list — Including

40,000+ Nationwide Mobile Home Parks list — Including "Mom and Pops"!

Nearly Every Single Mobile Home Park in the USA!

Connect with small "Mom & Pop" Parks  (<100 lots) Now!

Build Your Mobile Home Park Empire Starting Today! 


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Great stuff. I particularly liked the Seller Carry and Accelerated Depreciation modules. I've been to Frank and Dave's bootcamp and have been educating myself in this space for a few years, and definitely picked up some things in each section. Thanks!

Ryan F. -Verified buyer

First ever mobile home database pulled from *Alternative* data

Mainstream sites like Reonomy, Loopnet, Batch, Costar and Propstream — while offer great value, often miss alternative data sources... 

Reach MORE mobile home park owners FASTER. 

Target your marketing, increase your reach, and get more deals than you ever thought. 

Easily filter all 40,000 mobile home parks to WHEREVER you want to start investing!

This is the first time the Mobile Home Park Directory is being offered to the public,  so as a bonus, you can get the entry level, beginner mobile home park course that teaches you the basics of mobile home park investing.

Over 600 students bought the course already.  And ranked 4.3 out of 5 stars but it's yours free when you purchase the nationwide USA mobile home park directory today.  Plus the bonus module revealing 28 non-obvious sources to find mobile home park deals. 
But time is of the essence, as you might know... they're not making many more mobile home parks — so the time to invest in you is NOW! 

FREE When You Buy The Nationwide List Today - How To Buy Mobile Home Parks FAST - Over 600
Students Bought This Course! 

LECTURE #1: The Opportunity 

Overview of how to invest in mobile home parks.  

Lecture #2 Why Mobile Home Parks NOW?

Why mobile home parks right now

Lecture #3 28 Places to find mobile home park deals.

Resources the experts don't share. Learn new places to source your next mobile home park.  

Lecture #4 30 Seconds of Due Diligence

Learn to overcome critical seller objections and get parks under contracts in minutes, not days or weeks. 


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Start Marketing to 40,000+ mobile home parks! (including "Mom and Pops"!)


Separated by state, city, zip!


Target who you want, went you want!


Build your mobile home park empire!

*course ranked 4.3 out of 5 stars


No subscription costs. No maintenance charges. Lifetime access. 

You will never have to pay for this list ever again. Once it's yours it's YOURS. Convert it to a CSV and upload it into your CRM and start marketing today!
Cold Call, Send SMS, Direct Mail, Social Media

Dial for Dollars! 

Set Up SMS Campaigns and "Text for Success!"

Send Direct Mail

My first direct mail campaign I got a park under contract - so if I can do it... 

My name is Mike Kane and I'm a marketer who stumbled in the mobile home park investing space.

After years of helping dozens of mobile home park investors and 600 students — I put all my research into this directory of 40,000+ parks so you can get started and market to mhps TODAY.   

I mastered the art of pulling lists from *alternative data sources* to targeting mobile home parks anywhere in the USA.

Now you can too.   

MHPs are truly the last vestige of affordable housing and smart investors won't miss out on the opportunity to capture an investment that can put food on the table for a lifetime.

The time to start mobile home park investing is NOW

670 Students have taken my mobile home park course, and I've helped dozens of mobile home park investors locate parks all over the country.   Now it's your turn. 

Get this list at 50% off the retail price. You get lifetime access, and will never pay a monthly fee and there are no subscription costs. 40,000 + MHPS!

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Get the 40,000 + Mobile HOme Parks LIST while it's still available - and pick up the course at no extra charge 

 This is the ONLY Offer In Real Estate Investing History That You Get a  course AND the lists and data to get you started on your journey NOW. 

If you're a beginner or veteran, this guide and list can catapult your business to the next level.  

You can start reaching out to mobile home parks starting TODAY! 

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12 month "By Your Side" guarantee

If you can't make contact with a mobile home park in the next 12 months I will give you your money back. Send Customer Support any issues you have and we'll help you. 

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40,000+ Nationwide Mobile Home Parks list — Including
40,000+ Nationwide Mobile Home Parks list — Including

40,000+ Nationwide Mobile Home Parks list — Including "Mom and Pops"!